Monday, May 16, 2016

Define : Puggly

Define : Puggly.
The world tends to define puggly as a pug dog who is ugly and cute at the same time.  I disagree and vote to re-define Puggly.

New Definition of Puggly : An pug (or pug mutt) that is too cute to be defined just as a pug.  re : Callie.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Um.......Mom.......why is there a kitty on by bed?

Um.......Mom.......why is there a kitty on by bed?  Callie is not happy....not happy at all.

Stop taking pictures and laughing me!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rigamortis Legs

Callie loves sleeping, it is pretty much her favorite thing.  Well, her life is filled with only a few things....mainly sleep, play and snuggles...all of which are her favorite thing.

But when she sleeps, she always sleeps with her legs straight out.  We call them rigamortis legs.  They are locked into the straight position and can not be moved for anything.

Bonus pic....rigamortis legs with snuggled up kitty ball

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Working from home

Callie LOVES that I work from home.  She has never been alone for longer than 4 hours in her life....I know, she is very spoiled.  But just look at that face, how can you not spoil her?

Working from home did however provide a problem....Callie wanted to work with me.  

To fix this, we made her a doggie window bench out of some plywood and foam (with step so she can jump up and down by herself).

Now she can look out the window and "help" me work.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Car Ride

Ask Callie if she wants to go for a car ride and she jumps right in.  She really doesn't like the car so much....and she doesn't care where we go....just as long as she is included.  Thankfully, this time we were headed to the dog park so the car ride did not disappoint. 

Starting Up Again

This blog was started as a way for my Grandma to view photos of her great-grand dog.  She had trouble downloading the multitude of pictures from her email, so I set up a blog that she could simply scroll though. 

I took a break from the blog when Grandma got sick and couldn't use her computer, and then recently when she passed away I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with the blog.

But today I realized....Callie is just to gosh darn adorable not to share.  So I am making this blog public again in hopes that others out there in internet land will find some joy sharing in Callie's life.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Uncle Jason!!

At only a few months old, Callie had never barked.  Until Uncle Jason showed her how.  Happy Birthday Uncle Jason....and thanks for all the barking!! :)

(This is a pic of her first bark....while shoveling snow)