Friday, July 25, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Phone Pictures

Here are a bunch of pictures we took with our phones.......pretty random assortment.  Sorry for the bad quality, I have a super cheap cell phone with a bad camera on it.

Here she is pouting at me while I am trying to work.  In my office I have her bed and a bunch of toys and bones....but still she gets upset that I can't just pet her all day.

Callie is trying to say Hi to Layla in the only way she knows how, but sniffing Layla's butt.  Poor Layla, she just wanted to look out the window. 

I had to take Callie when I went to go get an oil change because right after I had to pick up Andrew at work and go to Dewitt, so we had a good time walking around and looking at cars.   

How much room does a less than 40 pound dog take up on the couch?  The answer is....the entire couch. 

Sleeping on the way home after playing with Grandpa all weekend.

 This would be Callie's snuggle face.  It is kind of hard to resist.  You can't look at her when she gives you that face or you get sucked into the Callie vortex of cuteness.

On the way to the dog park 

 Andrew asked Callie if she wanted to go to Grandpa's house.  Callie ran over and started licking Andrew and wiggling.....good thing we were already in the car driving over there!

 At the dog park

 Callie has decided that she is too good to sit on the grass like a dog.....and her Dad was sitting in "her" she jumped right on up and sat down.

This was our failed attempt at a dog seatbelt to get Callie to sit in the back seat.  It didn't work, and she still sits in the front seat.  When Andrew and I are in the cars together one of us has to sit in the back seat.  Callie is very spoiled (in case you didn't already know).

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wedding Weekend!!

Callie's Uncle Jason got married on July 12th!

Sadly for Callie, that meant being locked up in the house all day (with a few potty breaks) while we were participating in wedding festivities.

Saturday night was not too much fun for Callie either as we were all exhausted from the set up and take down of  the wedding, so we set out to make sure Callie had a great day on Sunday which was pretty much just more splashing with Grandpa.

Yes Callie, I am sure the more you pout at the water someone will come to play with you....just start looking a little more pathetic

Callie is getting upset waiting for everyone to get their swimsuits on.....

Um.....Grandpa....this is not what Callie had in mind....more swimming and splashing, less relaxing!

Oh yeah, now we are getting somewhere.  Deeper Grandpa!  More Splashing!!  More Swimming!!!

That is much better.  Callie just loves swimming out to the sandbar.  Lots of places she can touch and then swim deeper if she wants to.  She just loves swimming circles around Grandpa.

When Callie gets tired, she just hops on a catches a ride with Grandpa

Protect yourselves!  The Lake Monster has returned!!!  Run for water splash is safe!!

Callie, satisfied with her water time, struts out of the beach looking for some food and maybe a quick nap before heading out to play again.

Monday, July 14, 2014

All toys belong on the chair

Apparently, all toys now belong on the deck chair.  Callie went around the yard and brought them all up on the chair.  If we threw a toy, Callie would run out into the yard and bring it right back to her chair.  In these pictures, she is all happy that we stopped throwing her toys and they are now all in the correct spot.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Camp Chair

We have two camp chairs outside.  During lunch, Callie and I go outside to play.  Callie has started, instead of playing, jumping up and sitting on the camp chair.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Uncle Sean

Uncle Sean (Andrew's brother) came over to play some card games with us on Sunday afternoon.  At the end of a 3 day weekend however, Callie can barley lift her head to pose for a picture.  Looks like Callie needs to catch up on her sleep!  She can't just play Lake Monster with Grandpa for 3 days straight and still have energy left.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Lake Time with Grandpa!

Pretty much for 3 days straight, Callie played in the water.  I was nervous when we first got her that she wouldn't like the water like Junior....but boy was I wrong.  It took us forever each night to get Callie to stop playing and head inside!  Good thing she has a Grandpa that has a beach and a boat, she really lucked out with that one!!